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Luck of the Irish

Kites Flying

AThread Runs Through it!



Barnyard Animals

Chunky Swirls

Chick Filet



Quilting Designs


A Girlie Jungle AB
Animal Friends Elephants AB
Animal Friends Giraffe AB
Another Jungle AB
Antlers UVQ
Baby Whales AB

Barnyard AB
Barnyard Animals AB
Bunny Hop AB
Cat and Friends AB
Chickadee AB
Chicken Little AB

Circus2 DBV
Circus Animals AB
Country Chickens AB
Cows AB
DeerInTheGrass-2 DBV
Dog Bones DBD

Doggie Treats AB
DogPaws3 DBV
Dragons AB
Ducks In Flight AB
Ducks In A Pond AB
Fancy Fish DBV

Foxys Friends AB
Funky Monkey AB
Gecko AB
Giraffes AB
Goldfish WQ
Grizzly Ridge AB

Horse Lovers AB
Horseshoes AB
I Love Cats AB
I Love Frogs AB
In the Jungle AB
I Spy Farm Animals AB

Jungle Animals AB
Owls AB
Paws AB
Playful Kittens-3 DBD
Rainbow Trout AB
Rubber Duckies DBD

Rubber Ducky AB
Scotty AB
Sea Turtles for Jade AB
Sleepy Sheep AB
Tiny Turtles AB
Where is Your Bone? AB

Wonky Pets AB

Bugs / Insects

Ants Antics AB
Bugs for Boys UVQ
Bugs Love AB
Butterfly AB
Butterfly Bop UVQ
Butterflies and Flowers AB

Butterfly Enchantment AB
Butterfly Swirls AB
Buzzing Around-1 DBD
Buzzing Bees AB
Caterpillar AB
Dragonflies AB

Dragonfly Fantasy AB
Dragonflies Valentines AB
Eye See You AB
Ginko and Butterflies AB
Honey AB
Hungry Hungry AB

Ladybugs Dance AB
Little Nature AB
Meadow Life AB
Papillion AB

Christmas / Winter

Angelic AB
Bells at Christmas AB
Christmas Bells AB
Christmas Cookies AB
Christmas Lights AB
Christmas Paisley AB

Christmas Pano SD
Christmas Stocking Pano SD
Christmas Tree 003 SD
Gift Giving AB
Gingerbread AB
Hard Candy AB

Holly AB
Jingle Bell Roll SH
Let It Snow AB
Mitten Meander DBD
Ornaments AB
Peppermint Palace AB

Pine Tree Meander DBV
Poinsettia Paisley AB
Season’s Greetings AB
Snowflakes 1 DBD
Snowflakes AB
Snowman Family AB

Snowman Ramble UVQ
Snowmen DBD
Stockings AB
Swirling Snowflakes SH
Tree Mendous AB
Winterberry AB

Fall / Halloween / Leaves

Apples UVQ
Asian Leaves AB
Aspen Leaves AB
Beach Party AB
Bending in the Wind AB
Candy Corn AB

Candy Corn DBV
Canopy AB
Charlotte’s Web AB
Country AB
Dancing Leaves DBD
Edgy Leaves AB

Fall Bounty SD
Falling Leaves AB
Fern AB
Florence AB
Forester AB
Fruitopia AB

Ghostly AB
Grateful AB
Greek Pano KD
Halloween 1 DBD
Halloween 3 DBD
Halloween Bats SD

Halloween Night AB
Harvest Time AB
Ivy Trellis AB
Jack-O-Lanterns DSBV
Leaves Dense
Leaves UVQ

Maple Leaves DBD
Maple Leaves TKQ
Maple Winds AB
Oak Acorns WF
Oak Leaves Round DBV
Pumpkin Pie AB

Pumpkin Vines AB
  Pumpkin Vines AB
Retro Leaves AB
 Simple Oak and Acorn TKQ
Simply Ivy KT
 Simply Leaves AB

 Spooky Nights SD
Tapestry Leaves DBV
 Whisper AB
 Wine Cellar AB
 Winterberry AB
 Witches Hats IQT

Witches Hats Wander UVQ

Feathers / Paisleys

Almost Paisley AB
Baby Curls LT
Brenda’s Tulips AB
Cockatiel Feathers AB
  Drop of Paisley AB 
Fancy Feather Flamingo LT

Feathered Flowers DBD
Feather Meandering LT
Feather-n-Flower AB
Feathered Pearls KF
Feather Wave AB
Flamingo Sunset AB

Flower 6 DBV
Flowers Dense
Frenzy AB
Gilded 1 AB
Gilded 2 AB
Lace AB

Merrily Feathers AB
Paradise AB
Paisley Feathers AB
Paisley Flowers AB
Pearl Feathers AB
Pixie Paisley AB

  Pixie Paisley AB
Playful Paisley AB
Polyanna AB
Seaweed AB
Ups A Daisy LT


30’s Flowers DBV
A Tisket A Tasket AB
Anne’s Favorite AB
Anne’s Garden AB
April AB
Asian Garden AB

Bed of Roses WL
Bo Dangle AB
Brightly AB
Button Blossoms AB
Candy Land AB
Climbing Roses AB

Daisy May AB
Daisy Meander QN
Dandy AB
Delight AB
Double Dutch AB
Dreaming Fields AB

Faster Posies TKQ
Feathered Flowers DBD
Floral Garden AB
Floral Light AB
Flower Fantasy AB
Flower 6 DBV

Forever Flower AB
Forget Me Not KD
Gentleness AB
Just Roses AB
Lazy Daisy AB
Lexi AB

Lightly Flowered AB
Little Flowers AB
Maggies Roses AB
Magnolia AB
OrientalFlowers DBV
Pearl Flower Vine AB

Petal Pushers AB
Pinwheel Flowers DBD
Pinwheel2 DBV
QuietFlowers DBV
Retro Flowers AB
Riley AB

RoseLeaves DBV
RoseMeander DBV
Ruffled Roses AB
Secret Garden AB
Shirley’s Sunflowers AB
Simply Whimsical AB

Spring Flowers AB
Strawberries AB
Strawberry Lace AB
Summer AB
Sun Valley AB
Sunday AB

Sunflower-2 DBD
Sunflower AB
SunflowerGridded DBV
SW Roses DBD
Sweet Wishes AB
Sweethearts AB

Sweet Peas AB
Tanya AB
Tropical AB
Wildflower AB
WildflowerS AB
Wild Roses AB

Yumikos Flowers AB

Geometric / Modern

African Maze AB
Argyle UVQ
Atom IQT
August Garden AB
Balloons 1 DBD
Baptistfan DBV

Baptist Fan, Easy
Belly Bop AM
Bounce AB
Bread Basket
Brickyard AB

Bubble Meander DBV
Bubble Meander 2 DBV
Bubbles AB
Carousel AB
Champagne AB
Chevron AB

Chicken Tracks 2 DBV
Chicken Wire (large) AB
Chicken Wire (small) AB
Chunky Swirls
Circle Fill 1 KD
Circle Play 2 DBV

Circleville AB
City Windows
Clamshell (offset)
Diagonal Plaid UE
Feather Flower Overall LT
Gear AB

Geometric AB
Going In Circles AB
Honeycomb AB
In the Moment AB
Loop-T-Loop (tight)
Manchester AB

Manchester Fountain AB
Manchester Jester AB
Modern Ties AB
Origami AB
Pinwheel 2 DBV
Quatrefoil UVQ

Ribbon Candy
Sashiko IQ
Slip and Slide AB
Solar AB

Space Travel AB
Square Dance AB
Squares AB
Square Meander 2 DBD
Square Whirlpools IQT
Target AB

Vestibule DS 2 UVQ
Wild Mouse AB


Celtic Hearts AB
Dragonflies Valentines AB
Fancy Hearts AB
Heartbreak AB
Hearts and Ribbons DBD
Hearts and Swirls DBD

Hearts Sonnet AB
Heartthrob AB
I Love It AB
Last Valentine AB
Love Scribbles AB
Lovingly Yours AB

Merrily Hearts AB
Queen of Hearts AB
Retro Hearts AB
Riley Hearts (offset) AB
Sweetheart Flower AB
Sweetheart Garden AB

Sweethearts AB
Valentine Floral AB


Kids / Babies

  ABC with Loops KD
Autobahn AB
Baby Comforts AB
Baby Girls AB
Batman AB

Boys Toys AB
Car Go AB
Children AB
Circus 2 DBV
Construction AB

Cookie Cutters Teddy AB
Dino Kids AB
Dinomite AB
Dump Trucks and Diggers UVQ
Fairy Flowers AB
Fairytale AB

Get Going AB
Gummy Bears UE
I Speak for the Trees AB
I Spy Travel AB
I Think I Can AB
Just the Trees AB

Kites DBD
Kites Flying AB
Little Maids AB
Love Bug AB
Mermaid Lagoon AB
Monsters AB

Motorcycles UVQ
Pirates AB
Play Ball AB
Puzzled AB
Racecar AB
Sailboats DBV

Sailin’ AB
Sailin’ AB
Soccer AB
Sock Monkey AB
  Sugar Plum Fairies AB 
Superman AB

Topsy Turvy AB
Traffic Jam AB
Transformers UVQ
Trains AB
Travel AB
Treasure Hunt AB

Two Little Hands AB


Basketball AB
Basketballs DBV
BYU Football (reversed) UVQ
BYU Football UVQ
BYU Volleyball (reversed) UVQ
BYU Volleyball UVQ

Flyfishing AB
Football Helmets DBD
Footballs and Helmets AB
Golf AB
Gymnastics AB
Just Footballs SH

Keep Me In Motion AB
Play Ball AB
Soccer AB
Soccer Field AB
Sports 1 DBD
Sports Mania AB

U of U Sports UVQ

Stars / Patriotic

Air Force SH
American Beauty JB
Celebration AB
Cowboy Stars DBD
Fancy Stars AB
Fireworks DBD

Geo Stars AB
Moon and Stars DBV
Night Skies AB
Sky High AB
Star Swirls SH
Starry Sky AB

Star Spangled DBV
Wishing Star AB

Stipple / Meander

Berry Stipple AB
Calm Waters AB
Cloud Nine AB
Cloud Sculpting AB
Clouds Horizontal SH
Cobblestone AB

Fairy Wings AB
Fidget AB
Fire 1 DBD
Flame AB
Flames KD
Grass AB

Inside-Out LT
Modern Ties AB
Moonlight AB
popcorn JB
Ripples AB
Scribbles AB

Signature AB
Spilt Paint AB
Splash AB
Sticky Buns AB
Waverly AB
Wiggle Weave AB


Alex AB
Alexis AB
Batik AB
Brocade AB
Celtic Vines AB
Chick Filet AB

  Confetti AB
Crazy Arcs DBV
Damask Lite AB
Eternal Flame AB
Fantastic AB
Gilded AB

Goldilocks AB
Growing Things AB
Haven AB
Irish Swirls DBD
Luna AB
Manchester AB

Noodle Soup AB
Ocean Froth AB
Quill AB
Solar AB
Strawberry Lace AB
Surf AB

Swirls AB
Swirls KD
Van Gogh AB
Whisper AB
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